Liposonix is Germany’s most advanced non-invasive weight loss instrument. It uses focused ultrasound to convert into heat energy to dissolve fat cells, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, eliminate excess fat, and tighten loose skin.

It can present the effects of tightening skin and body sculpting

Liposonix – Love handles
Per session (60 min)
R1 200.00

Liposonix – Stomach
Per session (90 min)
R1 500.00

Liposonix – Thighs (inner and outer)
Per session (120 min)
R2 000.00

Liposonix – Stomach + Love handles
Per session (120 min)
R2 500.00

Liposonix – Stomach + Love handles + thighs
Per session (240 min)
R4 500.00

Lemon Bottle Lipolysis injections

Lemon Bottle Fat loss Injection @ R1800.00 for 10 shots or R180 for one shot.
This innovative product are made from safe and natural ingredients
Great care was taken by 6 dermatologists to combine the finest ingredients
All ingredients work together for a better effect.
Does not contain ppc, or hormones or sodium deoxycholate.
No Pain, No Burning, No swelling, No Side Effects.
How it works:
1. Induces activation of fat metabolism
2. Carbs & Fats are converted into energy. Reduction in edema due to increase in blood flow. Pineapple extract for lipolysis
3. It changes the storage Form of fat whilst inducing it to energy, it reduces the number of fat cells to maximize fat reduction
4. It decreases adipocytes and produces collagen to increase skin elasticity
5. Increases the circulation of the lymph system and releases fat cells