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Get the best body, skincare and aesthetic treatments today, with Advanced Skincare and Aesthetics. I specialize in providing a custom-made skincare treatment that is perfect for you. My treatments will give you the best results in your skin condition. My treatments will give you the best results, and I only use The Highest Quality Medical Aesthetic Machines and products imported 2023.

I am a proven Medical Aesthetician Therapist in the services I deliver, so you can trust me and feel 100% confident in what I do.

Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics solutions specializing in skin revision, skin concerns, anti-aging, and Liposonix Ultrasound Weight loss and body sculpting.

I assist my client’s needs to medically prolong the aging process and preserve their current appearance, further assisting clients resolving skin-related concerns.

Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics believes in being honest and genuine in all skin conditions.

I only prescribe the most appropriate combination of products and treatments the client needs.

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One-On-One Skin Consultation

Your skin will then be physically examined to further assist your skin Technician in prescribing a Treatment Plan.

Who is Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics

Specializing in:

  • Gold Radio frequency Microcrystal Microneedling

  • Hydrafacial / Dermabrasion

  • Plasma Fibroblast / Jet Plasma

  • Permanent Make-Up

  • Lip pigmentation

  • Collagen Induction Therapy / Microneedling

  • Chemical Peels

  • Dermaplaning

  • Brow wax and sculpting

  • LipoSonix Ultrasound Cavitation

Anneke Bezuidenhout

Founder and owner
Medical Aesthetics Therapist

Anneke Bezuidenhout


Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics is a locally grown and new Studio that started in 2022.

Situated in Centurion, Eldoraigne, Advanced Skincare &Aesthetics is committed to offer you outstanding and professional service.

I pride myself in being the leading new technology for ALL skin types in Aesthetics, offering the widest range of advanced beauty treatments in the area. My treatments are effective and safe and all Equipment I use has been passed through European safety regulator body.

At Advanced Skincare & Aesthetics I have put my time and effort into sourcing the best technology also into taking care with every person’s individual needs. Helping people feel naturally wonderful and confident is what I am passionate about. So, whether it’s removing warts and skintags, blemishes, acne, spider veins or other skin concerns I believe my work improves people’s confidence, so they can feel effortlessly wonderful & at ease with their bodies.

During the first consultation, I provide realistic and accurate assessments to ensure the best result for each person.