Facial Peels Are A Rapid Way To Improve The Skin’s Texture And Tone

By removing cellular build-up and stimulating skin regeneration, our customised peels offer measurable results in the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation, pore size, acne and oil production. Medi-aesthetic skin peels are especially beneficial in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, general redness, acne, sun damage and ageing. Please note: preparation is required before some peels.

How It Works. Don’t Let The Term ‘Peel’ Freak You Out!

Chemical peels involve the application of a chemical solution to your skin in order to speed up the exfoliation process. They work by removing the outmost layer of dermis (skin) and accelerating your skin cell turnover. The strength of the peel determines the number of layers of skin peeled, the length of the downtime and inevitably, the final result.


Chemical peels help to improve the appearance of pigmentation and any sun damage, acne scarring, in addition to reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and an overall reduction in congested skin and breakouts.

Optimising Your Results. Let’s Work Together To See The Changes You Deserve.

To ensure your skin is strong enough to tolerate the treatment, you may be required to prepare using active skin care products. Your pre-peel preparation may include a combination of retinol, vitamin C, a tyrosine inhibitor and glycolic ingredients.

Three days prior to your appointment, you will need to stop the use of any cosmeceutical retinols. Topical prescription retinol will need to be ceased at least two weeks in advance.

What’s The Downtime After a Chemical Peel?

The post peel application process can take 3 to 10 days depending on the type of peel. Within 48 hours one can expect either light flaking or more substantial sheets of skin beginning to shed.

Can I Wear Makeup After My Peel?

After your face peel, ensure you adhere strictly to your dermal technician’s post-care recommendations and avoid heavy makeup and ingredients that can irritate your skin, such as retinol. If you must apply makeup, use a mineral powder that won’t clog your pores, and make sure your makeup applicators are clean and bacteria-free.